Filter / Screen Molding

Expertise in Filter / Screen Molding that offers precision, quality and costs savings


MasterMolding - Filter / Screen MoldingMasterMolding is an expert in filter / screen molding. During this process, synthetic or metal screens can be overmolded with plastic to produce a part that will support the filter media.

Our experts can customize molds to fit the specifications of your screen filter projects, with improved performance of your end product at the best possible price in mind. We can also produce high quantities of parts in an automated assembly process to help reduce your costs.

Filter media comes in many different filtration capabilities. Molded filter / screens are used in many industries including health care, automotive and food production industries.

We have 25 years of experience working with advanced material technology and manufacturing in the plastics industry. Our white room capabilities are an option if your part must be manufactured in a clean air environment.

Some of the other benefits of having MasterMolding produce are:

  • Sourcing of filter media
  • Value-added production process
  • Improved product integrity

Here are some examples of our Filter / Screen Molding

If you have a filter/screen application and have questions about our process, please contact and we can review your project and provide a quote.

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